Master Series Squat

XR Brands
Master Series Squat
Combining the delicious sensations of insufferable spreader bars attached to comfortable ankle cuffs, this gives a whole new meaning to the “Spread ‘em!” command. With a center rod protruding from the spreader bar and a choice between two attachments for the end, (one with a ubiquitous dildo adapter and the other with a flat end for suction cup-based dildos), you’ll be able to be impaled by your choice of toys whether you want something up your butt or in your vag. You’ll be begging for mercy or for more, more, more, even when you’re using this for an incredible masturbation session. I’m starting to practice my squats right now…

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Manufacturer Description:

This devious Spreader Bar features a detachable impaler for you to thrust and impale your lover! Wrap your partner’s ankles with the included padded ankle cuffs so you can spread em wide and hold them there for your enjoyment. Made with heavy duty materials for a sturdy and authentic feel, this Anal Impaler is built to be used and abused!Perfect for BDSM enthusiasts with a penchant for devious devices that restrain and please! Lock your lover in a vulnerable split position and see how long they can stand before inevitably lowering themselves on your choice of dildo. Combine this Spreader Bar Impaler combo with other restraints, a blindfold, and gag for a full-body lockdown! The spreader bar, impaler bar, and ankle cuffs are fully adjustable so you can adjust the spread and fit to your or your partner’s body type.The impaler bar can be removed so you can use the spreader bar on its own if you want to open up your lover for your own enjoyment. Made with sturdy stainless steel and PU Leather for a durable collection designed to last. This set of spreaders comes with two dildo adapters for a variety of ways to play: use the vac-u-lock adapter for compatible dildos or the flat base for your favorite suction cup dildo. Great for both vaginal and anal penetration!

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