Strap U 7x Revolver Slim

XR Brands
Strap U 7x Revolver Slim

This slender, silicone seven-inch sweetie is perfect for pleasurable pegging without the pesky straps of a harness. Simply squeeze your thighs together while the ergonomically shaped vaginal plug lets it stay right where it should. The flatter clitoral pad has a texture on it that’s just enough to tease your juicy, external private parts. Enjoy the option of using it as a non-vibrating dildo or insert the three-speed, four-function bullet vibe into the base to make it zing for both the pegger and the peg-ee.

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Manufacturer Description:

Penetrate harness free with the Revolver strapless Strap-On! This Strap On is extra long, but not too thick for those who crave a deep hitting feel without an uncomfortable stretch. Equip your hips with the long shaft you deserve, without a pesky harness to get in your way!This long and meaty shaft is designed to be held up and supported with the help of your kegel muscles - insert the vaginal bulb and give it a squeeze and enjoy the sight of your new personal shaft of pleasure! The vaginal bulb stimulates the wearers g-spot with every thrust, while the clitoral pad rubs and grinds against the clitoris for blended pleasure with every motion.The powerful bullet vibe easily slips into the cavity of this strap on dong to give both the wearer and their partner 3 speeds and 4 patterns intense vibation. Flip through each function with the on-board power button and find which pattern suits you play style!Made with durable and flexible materials for a fulfilling yet forgiving experience with every session. Compatible with water based lubes only.

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