Max 2

Max 2

You know, I couldn’t believe that there was anything better out there for jerking the gherkin than using my grubby hands. But I just found out I was wrong. My girlfriend bought me this awesome masturbator and I wasn’t sure why until I stuck my dick into it. It vibrates, sucks and has a gripping action that feels just like I’m sticking it into her pussy.

She told me she can control it from the app, which is great because we don’t live together but I still want to get off with her. Besides, sometimes when we sleep together, she has a headache and now I can give her two aspirin and still get off thinking about her and how nice she was to give me this. I think I’ll keep her — the Max 2 and my girlfriend.

Manufacturer Description:

Max 2 now boasts a gender-neutral sleeve, 360-degree contractions, and a redesigned vibrator to deliver stronger, more powerful sensations. On top of this, the charging process has been made even easier, teamed with a longer battery life for those extended, steamy sessions. The newest addition to the Lovense teledildonic line is surely to be a mind-blowing experience!

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