Well, this is a first. The shape of the elegant silicone, Chance vibrator is smooth and sexy with just enough bend and give to make us G-spot girls squeal in delight. But what’s this I see? A touchscreen LCD screen at the end of the vibe to allow me to change speeds and functions just by a swipe of my well lubricated finger? Why, yes, it is! I can lean back and relax and just by flicking my fingertip on the base, I can easily flip around six patterns, three intensities and one climax setting. And of course, the DIY setting for when I want go where I feel like. Kinda like when I drive my Tesla - just swipe the screen and get off on a nice, long ride. Oh yeah.

Manufacturer Description:

Crafted from supremely soft silicone, this deliciously seductive vibrator is designed with a firm structure for satisfying both internal and external play with a soft outer shell that conducts toe-curling vibrations while still cushioning those intimate areas. And while this vibrator might draw design inspiration from mythical creatures, including its exclusive Swarovski crystal adornment for an alluringly feminine feel, there’s absolutely nothing ancient about its ultra-modern capabilities. In fact, the Chance vibrator is in a category all its own.

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