Cluster Buster

Cluster Buster

Thank goodness that there’s something like the Cluster Buster for us e-stimulation perverts out there. If you’ve ever experienced therapeutic muscle stimulators prior to your chiropractic adjustment or during a physical therapy appointment, think of using this technology for fun and an erotic “charge” instead. Yes, fun. Skin will jump, sensations will be heightened, and you’re in control of the knobs for all levels of pleasure to the highest level of pain in this perfect kit packed in a sturdy, zippered hard case.

The Cluster Buster is a wireless control for the Mystim collection of devices, so think of this gizmo as the ring leader for a solo performance with a single device or an e-stim three-ring circus with multiple partners, jumping all at the same time. Bring it on, Tiger King! I got this!

Manufacturer Description:

Digital e-stim unit including remote control and receiver Makes all your Mystim remote controllable – endless number of toys at a time, featuring twelve stimulation and five training programs give you lots of variety.

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