Silicone Rim Joy

Sir Richard's
Silicone Rim Joy

I love a good rim job so when I found the Sir Richard’s Silicone Rim Joy, I was pretty damn happy. It’s packed in a slick black case that I can easily hide under my bed and when unpackaged, it fits in my palm and has a removable silicone rim that can come off when I really want it’s little tongue directly in my asshole.

It has a button to warm up the tongue before I use it and the multi-speeds feel really good. The tongue itself isn’t that big, but when I add lube to it and slip it around my ass to do a rim job, it really gets the job done!

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Manufacturer Description:

The CONTROL Rim Joy was designed for ultimate rimming pleasure by snugly surrounding the ultra-sensitive anal region with warmth and vibration while offering realistic oral stimulation.

Features two-button Operation, heating and 7 Digital Vibration Modes.


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