Nexus Revo Extreme

Nexus Revo Extreme

It’s big. It’s chunky. It’s silicone. It’s remote controlled. It rotates. It vibrates. What else would you rather stuff up your ass other than the real thing? This phenomenal fanny filler will certainly stuff your sphincters and provide an incomparable experience no matter what speed it’s on.

The solid base vibrates, has perfectly placed pleasure nubs and is tapered so it will fit comfortably between your quivering ass cheeks. This beauty can easily be used during partner sex or solo and makes a really solid vag toy, trust me on that one. Just make sure you don’t drop the remote while you’re in orgasmic ecstasy.

Manufacturer Description:

Nexus Revo Extreme is not for the faint of heart. Developed due to customer demand, this Revo has an extra wide shaft for ultimate fulfillment.

The girthy 2 speed bi rotational shaft massages the prostate whilst the perineum is stimulated by a choice of 6 vibration settings simultaneously by the vibrating noduled base.

Extreme is waterproof and rechargeable as is the slimline remote control it comes with. Explore the 34 combinations of pleasure alone or with a partner.

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