Lil’ Ho Peep and Her Sheep Mini Inflatable Dolls

Lil’ Ho Peep and Her Sheep Mini Inflatable Dolls

What bachelor party is complete without having a blow up doll? Double the fun by packaging it with a petite blow up sheep to match, it’s Lil’ Ho Peep and Her Sheep to liven up any party! These little cuties are guaranteed to bring the laughter and hysterics when the guys get together for one last go ‘round. Who knows? Since the sassy sheep takes it deep and her matching mistress boasts two willing orifices, after the party’s over, the lucky bachelor may just want go for a roll in the hay with his new best friends.

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Manufacturer Description:

Mini inflatable love doll and her accommodating pet sheep. Full sized love passages in both. Party favorite, Small box can easily travel with you.

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