Like a Virgin

Zero Tolerance
Like a Virgin

Unlike most strokers I’ve seen, the Like a Virgin offers a niche addition with a thin hymen-like layer for you to penetrate and fulfill the virgin "pop" fantasy. The HD photo on the front of the packaging vividly displays the canal clearly sealed shut while showcasing partially spread TPE rubber lips that offer an open invitation.

With some water-based lube that comes with the stroker, it was easy to guide myself into the canal and push inward hard enough to stretch and eventually break the “hymen” material, leading to an audible pop and an immediate sensation change. The rush is there and you can even download a free adult movie courtesy of Zero Tolerance.

This stroker was fun for the initial novelty and most importantly is still fully functional after the first use.

Manufacturer Description:

It feels like the first time! This unique stroker lets you break through the hymen as you thrust past a thin layer of material before the opening to the tight beaded channel. That delicious cherry pop sensation fulfills a virgin-busting fantasy, mimicking the ultimate erotic feeling. Enjoy the complimentary movie download for inspiration and the realistic opening and channel made from pliable TPE rubber that has a life-like texture and feel. Bring this stroker into the bath or shower with you as its completely waterproof and clean-up is easy with ZT Masturbator Cleaner and a warm water rinse.

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