The Femme Fountain

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The Femme Fountain

When you’re a woman, there’s nothing else like relaxing under a gently running waterfall with your legs spread wide open and letting the firm trickle of water dance across your clit. But trying to find that elusive waterfall while having the privacy to moan and groan can be challenging — so the Femme Fountain is out to change that.

Simply immerse the body of the fountain in the tub, adhere the base to a bathtub wall with the suction cup, aim the flower-encircled nozzle directly at your pleasure point, press a button and voila! A steady stream of water spurts out like a fountain to create an arc of pleasure to let you squeal in ecstasy and relax at the same time!

Manufacturer Description:

Eco-Friendly, Hands-Free, Waterproof.

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