Charming Smile

Charming Smile

I am in love with this toy! I was so excited to see how it works and feels. There was no disappointment at all. The size is not too big but also not too small. The handle looks stylish and is also easy to grab onto and hold. The back of the handle is made of silicone and moves for easy grip. The power is a super deep rumble that gets you to your happy place in no time. The curve reaches up and hits the G-spot for powerful orgasms. Its flexible shaft moves with your body. I also love the color. You will never want to put this thing down.

I suggest getting a few items from this new line of toys to accompany this one. The boxes, along with the toys, are all bright colors. When showcased together in a section, this packaging makes quite the statement and is very eye-catching. Having a few testers out would be extremely helpful so people can see how awesome, plus it will only make them sell quicker.

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Manufacturer Description:

Every smile makes the world a little bit better, so this sweet bringer of joy bears its name in honor of good moods everywhere. Which isn’t actually that far off, when it comes around the corner to you with its ergonomic curve: Once you’ve succumbed to its charm, it seduces you with its supple Silk Touch surface, the pleasingly curved shape, and the 12 breathtakingly intense vibration programs. The bold combination of a flexible shaft and a curved tip make the Charming Smile the ultimate G-spot expert that knows exactly which buttons to press. So one thing leads to the other - as it happens: You two end up in bed, it gives you unforgettable orgasms, and just like that you’re inseparable. How nice that thanks to its compact size, it can even live in your handbag as a sub-letter!

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Lucy Vonne