Pheromone Perfume Set for Her

Eye of Love
Pheromone Perfume Set for Her

I’ve long been a fan of Eye of Love’s pheromone perfumes — the Morning Glow scent in particular. When I received this set, I was immediately excited about it. Knowing how much I love Morning Glow, I was excited about trying Eye of Love’s other fragrances.

The packaging alone was a treat to eyes — with its sleek black-and-white striped background with adorable hearts floating about, I really didn’t even want to dispose of the packaging! The set includes my favorite scent Morning Glow, along with One Love and After Dark. All of them smell great and it’s fun to choose which one I want to wear each day.

This would make a great gift for all of the ladies in your life — whether she wants to attract a partner or can use a boost in self-confidence during any interaction. I don’t know how pheromones do it but wearing them really does give you a little edge.

Manufacturer Description:

Pheromone Perfume set for an added edge from morning to night. Contains three fragrances: MORNING GLOW – a fresh bouquet of ylang ylang, sensual jasmine, citrusy apple blossoms, freesia, and deep purple violets. Undertones of soft white musk will keep him mesmerized from morning to night. Specially formulated to be worn in the daytime to give you an extra glow. ONE LOVE: A sweet blend of citrusy rose, feminine lily, and sensual jasmine. The aroma of musky vanilla will caress his senses and keep him under your spell. Specially formulated for special occasions to increase the love, romance, and desire with your partner. AFTER DARK: a sultry blend of warm jasmine, lily, and creamy sweet white chocolate. Undertones of fresh grapefruit and vanilla drive him crazy with desire deep into the night.

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Ariana Rodriguez