Whipsmart Body Swing

Adventure Industries
Whipsmart Body Swing

Sex swings can be a lot of fun but usually require a doorframe or stand, which can limit where you want to use it. Well now you can sex-swing wherever you want! With the Whipsmart Body Swing, you can take it outside in the backyard or to the park. You just need a sturdy partner to wear it. It’s easy to use and comfortable to wear. It has padded thigh straps for you to jump on and start having fun. Its rubber grips make it easy to hang onto and adjustable for different sizes. Bonus, it makes a great workout too.

Manufacturer Description:

Indulge together with the Whipsmart Sex Swing from Adventure Industries. Self-supported sex swing features soft and padded stirrups, ballistic weave nylon straps, and fully adjustable height. This simple body harness gives you the comfort of a swing with the freedom to move anywhere you choose.

Fits most body sizes, holds up to 400 lbs.

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