Horoscope Kit (Aries)

Bijoux Indiscrets
Horoscope Kit (Aries)

The Horoscope Kit from Bijoux Indiscrets came to me in a uniquely triangular shaped box as that is adorned with gold accents and a front cover textured in night-sky constellations. Inside, along with the necklace, there’s a clitoral balm and a nicely sized finger bullet vibe, along with a triangular shaped booklet that opens with a description of Aries — “passionate, sexy and competitive” — yup, that’s me! It also offered more information about the included Red Jasper gemstone and the Spice Ginger clitoral balm. Both accessories are intended to enhance the passion and harness the impulsive energy of Aries to make way for sensual pleasure.

The Spiced Ginger scented clitoral balm works like a charm. Before intimately testing it out, I applied the balm to my lips (on my face) and breathed in the zesty scent and felt it tingle. It had similar warming, tingly effects on my lady parts that paired wonderfully with the silicone finger vibe. From the unboxing to the adorning your neck with a beautiful gemstone necklace to taking a whiff of the clit balm to actually masturbating with it and the finger vibe, this kit is definitely a ritual of self-love and sensual pleasure that any woman would enjoy. It would make a gorgeous gift for a friend, lover and yourself!

Manufacturer Description:

A Zodiac-themed kit created to let your feminine energy flow. This sensual pack includes:

A Red Jasper gemstone necklace unique to your star sign, Aries.

An orgasm-enhancing heating effect clitoral balm with a Spiced Ginger aroma, perfectly suited to your natural element; Fire.

A silicone vibrator that fits seamlessly on your finger with 10 vibration settings.

Combine all three elements for a personalized journey of pleasure and awakening!

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