Confidence Heating Wand Massager

Zalo USA
Confidence Heating Wand Massager

I mainly love this toy because it reminds me of a magical wand. But it is so much more than that. The packaging is fun and inviting, but the toy itself is where the real magic happens. First you have the whisper-quiet and strong vibration patterns that you can play with, and is easily controlled with the push-pull magic button on the end. Not only does it vibe but it heats to human body temperature in just under two minutes. The head is flexible and moves with the curves of your body.

This toy will bring out the inner princess in you — the inner naughty princess. I need two, one for use and one to keep on display because it’s just so pretty!

Manufacturer Description:

Confidence, is the most precious quality of women. Due to the confidence, they are radiant, always be the center of attention, and are never worried about losing charm due to aging appearance. Just as what ZALO would like to give you. Possess confidence, possess charm.

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Lucy Vonne