Mistress by Isabella Sinclaire Universal Restraints

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Mistress by Isabella Sinclaire Universal Restraints

I really enjoyed these restraints. The back of the packaging gives visual representation as to how to use the restraints. A simple loop-through method locks the leather strap around the appendage of your choosing.

One of the selling points of these specific restraints is the soft leather, which allows the bearer to grip onto something rather than putting pressure on the wrist. The clips easily pass through the metal rings riveted to the other end allowing a simple and hasty snare. The distinct smell of leather backed up the box’s material claims. The ease of use as well as general comfort concerns make these a reliable pair that can fit into a multitude of situations. We put a sizable amount of tension on the rivets just to verify strength and they proved their worth by keeping the subject restrained and not falling apart at the seams.

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Manufacturer Description:

Mistress Isabella Sinclaire Signature Collection Premium Leather Universal Restraints are easy to use and durable. Leather restraints are 20.5 inches long and use the weight of their own body to cinch tight, restricting movement and leaving them helpless. Use on wrists or ankles- the more they pull, the tighter these get. The silver metal is nickel-free, and the supple yet strong leather has a premium look and feel. The ends of the Premium Leather Universal Restraints have a durable trigger snap hooks that open and close easily yet hold tight during rough play.

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