Frisky Ass Spinner

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Frisky Ass Spinner

Butt plugs are usually standard. These days the new trend is adding accessories to the bottom of them. This is one of the greatest sex toys ever. Just turning it on and seeing how it works brings me so much delight. You see it in action and get an instant grin on your face — it makes any situation a happy one. Having a bad day, just turn it on and instantly be cheered up.

The plug itself is your basic stainless-steel plug, but the bottom is where the magic happens. Not only is it a fidget spinner on the end, but the fidget spinner has LED lights on it. Each light has four patterns — it’s so amazing. It’s perfect for when you are getting freaky and also want the atmosphere of a rave. This is sure to be conversation-starter in stores. I recommend having them out to play with so people can see how much fun they are as well as being a great little plug. So, while it’s a fun novelty item to some, it’s also a really great little plug to use in the bedroom. Plus, it’s amazing for when you need something to play with to combat your anxiety. I plan to keep mine with me in my backpack for when I travel. I can’t wait to see the looks on people’s faces when I bust that out.

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Manufacturer Description:

The sex toy you never knew you needed is here to add a little more fun to your anal activities! The stainless steel butt plug has the smoothness and weight that you crave from a metal plug, while the fidget spinner lights up the night... and your bum! Offer your ass to your lover and this fidget spinner is guaranteed to keep their mind from wandering too far. Play with 4 LED light patterns - press firmly on the center of each disk to activate. The size and tapered shape make this a must-have for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Clean this non-porous material with mild soap and warm water after use.

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