Colours Wave Pride Edition

NS Novelties
Colours Wave Pride Edition

Nothing else screams “pride” than using a rainbow-colored, wavy dildo on your girlfriend. Or boyfriend. Or cisfriend. Or transfriend. Or whoever wants to be on the receiving end of this comfy, curvy six-inch-long silicone beauty. A nicely flanged base means it can easily be used in a harness or plunged anally without having fear of it disappearing into anal-land. You’re sure to be yelling “We’re here! We’re queer! We have our own dildos!” during your next Panty Pride Parade!

Manufacturer Description:

Non-detailed, the smooth Wave features a slightly swollen tip designed for maximum g or p-spot contact and lots of massage-friendly length. Safe for the deepest penetration, a wide circular base acts as a barrier against accidental too-far slips, plus, it allows for use with many strap-on and harness systems. Even more hands-free potential comes naturally with a super-sturdy suction cup able to be pressed securely on walls, windows, counter-tops and more.

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