Master Series Thunderstick 2.0 Supercharged Power Wand

XR Brands
Master Series Thunderstick 2.0 Supercharged Power Wand

There’s a lot of vibrating wand massagers on the market, but most of them have controls that jump from a too-soft setting to one that’s way too intense to start with. The Thunderstick’s variable speed knob makes that a problem of the past, and with every speed from a low rumble to a throbbing roar available, the Thunderstick easily brought me from zero to 60. Its head is on an accordion-like pivot and can be bent into positions that work no matter how you’re positioned — or where. I’m not saying that it’s perfect for being bent over on a couch … but that’s exactly what I’m saying.

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Manufacturer Description:

Welcome to the next generation in massage wands. This state-of-the-art power stick is equipped with the strongest vibration in its class, sized perfectly for pinpoint maneuvering. Simply choose your speed setting via the smooth speed dial and place the wand on your neck, shoulders, arms for relief from a stressful day, just like magic. Measurements: 13 in total length, 2.4 in diameter. Voltage is US 110V.

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Charlie Thompson