The Midnight Rabbit

Adam & Eve
The Midnight Rabbit

Drop everything you’re doing and go buy the Midnight Rabbit from Adam and Eve. It’s hands down the only rabbit vibrator you’re ever going to need to purchase again. With a slick silicone body and a gold grip, it’s as stylish as it is useful — and boy, is it ever useful. Both the internal head and external stimulator, the “ears” of which fit perfectly on either side of a clitoris — are flexible and bendy enough to be able to get the perfect angle either alone or with a partner. The internal section is perfect for those with shallow G-spots, bending in just the right direction to press both strongly vibrating sections right where they make the most, and wettest, impact.

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Product Description:

Take your pleasure to the next level with unparalleled style and power! The Midnight Rabbit is ready to take you on a journey to the pinnacle of ecstasy. Think you know how intense a rabbit can be? Think again.
Charlie Thompson