The Tremor

The Tremor
The Tremor

The Tremor couldn’t have a more appropriate name: the self-described “Rock & Roll Sex Toy” certainly left me in the mood to sing. And not only does it deliver exactly the intensity you’d expect from a high-end ride-on toy when it comes to power, the Tremor also impresses with its design. The toy comes with two interchangeable silicone heads (though more are available on its website), a G-spot stimulator and a smaller, mound-like attachment, both of which deliver the goods in different but equally satisfying ways.

The toy’s rotation and vibration are each controlled by separate knobs, which are fun to play with either alone or with someone else. The interactivity and opportunity for partner participation makes it an especially great toy for those wanting to explore BDSM. And while it’s large enough to buck around on, its relatively compact design makes it easy to stow away. So don’t fret, your home won’t have to look like a dungeon with the Tremor around — unless, of course, you want it to.

Manufacturer Description:

The Tremor is a Rock & Roll Sex Toy that simply rocks! The Tremor is the result of in-depth interviews with both present owners and interested consumers of ride-on sex toys. From those interviews we innovated functionality and usability where it made real sense -- not just because it seems like a cool idea. The Tremor is a "sex saddle" or sex machine that will give you the sexual freedom to explore your wild side without the emotional burden of a partner. Try one on today and surprise yourself!

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Charlie Thompson