Unicorn Tails

NS Novelties
Unicorn Tails

Admit it: you’ve always wanted to be a unicorn.  Whether you’re interested in rainbows and sparkles, you want to be literal with your threesomes or you’re just, well, horny, NS Novelties’ silicone butt plug comes with the perfect pastel ponytail for your horsin’ around. The plug relies on its length more than it does its girth, so it’s perfect for someone with an intermediate level of experience with butt play. The plug offered an interesting new level of fantasy in the bedroom: I was surprised how fun it was to swish around and frankly the pastel pink looked great. It was the perfect complement to penetrative sex since my partner said that he could feel it too. So don’t say “neigh;” give this fun, new look a try.

Manufacturer Description:

Fun, cute, and colorful, Unicorn Tails bring fantasy to life for hot-to-trot fillies and horny studs looking to get buck wild in the bedroom. Made of body-safe and silky-smooth silicone, Unicorn Tails feature a tapered butt plug with an alluring, long and flowing pony tail, guaranteed to inspire role play. Available in assorted eye-catching colors, Unicorn Tails are perfect for kinky cosplay with a partner or to ride alone into the sunset. Polyester hair easily cleaned with soap and warm water..

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Charlie Thompson