Chain Me Up Kink Clamps

Adam & Eve
Chain Me Up Kink Clamps

The Chain Me Up Kink Clamps by Adam & Eve comes in a simple, no-nonsense box. Inside lies a nifty set of three clamps. They are capped in some rubber the color of Pepto and connected by long, shiny chains that I wouldn’t tug too hard on. The clamps are adjustable and they feel wonderful once in place. They are incredibly comfortable — in the right way.

Manufacturer Description:

The Chain Me Up Kink Clamps from Adam & Eve are the perfect bondage accessory! The fully adjustable clamps clip onto your nipples and clit – squeezing and pinching them just right for hands-free stimulation during foreplay and sex.

The heavy-duty metal chains naturally pull down on the clamps – creating a stimulating sensation like someone playing with your nipples. You can tug on the center O Ring for more intense thrills up top and down below.

The nipple chains measure 11 inches long, while the clit chain stretches to 12 inches. The A&E Chain Me Up Kink Clamps are made from metal – giving them a kinky look and feel that fits perfectly with your bondage game. The tips are coated in rubber for a softer, more comfortable squeeze that won’t leave any marks the next day.

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