Astroglide O Personal Lube & Massage Oil

Astroglide O Personal Lube & Massage Oil

Astroglide O is not the kind of stuff we think of when we think of Astroglide. This lubricant is an oil. It comes in a familiar Astroglide box.

The little bottle of oil has a nice yet simple design. The contours of the bottle allow for easy handling, even when fingers are slippery. The cap is of wonderful quality. Most oil-based lubricants are drippy and make a mess when squeezed out of their poorly designed containers. With BioFilm, this is not the case. The hold in the cap is tiny and enveloped in a plastic tunnel that only allows a small amount to slide out at a time, making for better fluid control.

The smell is delicate with no overpowering chemical odors. The oil absorbs rather quickly, in our experience, so we prefer to use this product more as a massage oil than a personal lubricant.

Manufacturer Description:


Astroglide O Personal Lubricant and Massage Oil is USDA certified organic, formulated with ultra-hydrating, plant-based oils for a sensually luxurious feel. Infused with natural ingredients like Ylang Ylang and Coconut Oil, Astroglide O invites you explore pure pleasure, in a natural way. Long-lasting, sensual & slick, not latex safe.

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