Wow, the SenseBand is truly unlike anything that I have seen before. As a guy, manual masturbation has been my go-to since I began exploring myself sexually. Masturbators are great but sometimes I just need a hand!

The SenseBand is a wonderful combination of tried-and-true hand stimulation and high-tech innovation. The SenseBand came in sophisticated packaging that mentions the Sense Ecosystem — a revolutionary platform that offers 360-degree interactive adult videos that’s accessible via an app. The faster I stroked the faster the avatar bounced and/or sucked on my cock. It was a really unique experience! Plus the band is lightweight and actually kind of stylish, like a FitBit.

Manufacturer Description:

Senseband is an interactive wristband designed for self-pleasure. Immerse Yourself with Sense Ecosystem™, a revolutionary hi-tech platform providing you a holistic pleasure technology that will give you an overall virtual pleasure experiend. Visit the Sense ecosystems that will allow you to see 360 degree interactive movies using advance Virtual Reality programs and technologies allowing you to discover the 3rd generation of intimate products.

• Interactive - Tracks your movements for responsive 2D video play or for an immersive VR experience.

• Max Button - Hit the MAX button to intensify, your experience: change positions angles or to reach a happy ending.

• Discreet - Nightstand approved and travel ready. Sleek design fits in wherever you go or wherever you stay.

• No Charging Necessary - Battery lasts up to 100 hours of use. Replace when needed.

• Use it anywhere as it is fully waterproof to enjoy hand-free sex in the shower.

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George Stein