Full Erection Spreader

Full Erection Spreader

Tired of your normal run of the mill single cock ring? Need something a little more intense and with a little more flair? I mean whose penis doesn’t want a little more flair? This full erection spreader is sure to make things more exciting. It’s super stretchy to fit over all the pieces and comfortable to wear since it’s made of silicone. The toy is designed to get you hard and to keep you there with the help of constriction. It’s a fun addition to any toy box.

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Manufacturer Description:

Designed for the erection aficionado, this four-point erection system creates support at its finest. Stretchy and durable silicone means comfort that lasts. Four rings of pleasure wrap around you in pleasurable constriction to create sensations that you won’t soon forget.

Made from durable, stretchy silicone, this enhancement system is incredibly comfortable and built to last. The largest ring slides around the base of your manhood, while the next ring grasps your scrotum. The dual testicle rings wrap individually around each, to slightly constrict and separate. Held securely where it counts, your erection is sure to last longer than ever. As the pressure builds, so will the pleasure. Get ready to explode like never before.

Wave after magnificent wave of orgasmic pleasure await you with this Full Erection Spreader™. Comfort, stamina, and performance come together in one complete package. Enjoy all that your erection has to offer with this precision crafted ring.

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