Migliori Lubricant

Migliori Lubricant

The Migliori by Migliori Products is a clear, super fancy-looking lubricant! The bottle is bullet-shaped and adorned with a hip marsala font. It lasts a long time, too! We found it could go 5 minutes or so between re-application. And, keeps a nice, non-slimy glide. The scent, or lack there of, is one of the best parts. Finding a lubricant that is scent-free, and also doesn’t smell like some odd plastic chemical, is a rare treat! Even when friction is applied, the lubricant remains neutral and non-offending.

Manufacturer Description:

Migliori is a premium silicone-based lubricant with vitamins A, B6, D3, and E to leave the skin feeling silky smooth. Use Migliori to increase sexual pleasure, relieve vaginal dryness, ease chafing from exercise, and to moisturize the skin and tame fly-aways. A must have on every nightstand, Migliori comes in a beautiful glass teardrop-shaped bottle that complements the finest of tastes. Also available in 100 ml.
Ingedients: Dimethiconol, Cyclimethicone, Dimethicone, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B

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