Kawaii Macaroon

Tokyo Design
Kawaii Macaroon

I want this toy in every color and multiple ones. How freaking adorable and cute is this toy? I love everything about it, from the package to the design, to the colors. I am a sucker for items like this. I want to collect them all.

While the cute toys are not always everyone’s cup of tea, they do attract a certain crowd. It is great for first-timers who might be scared of traditional toys, however this is not your traditional clitoral stimulator. It features strong vibrations with multiple speeds and patterns to play with. Just don’t mix up this macaron with the edible kind — that would be a whole new adventure.

Manufacturer Description:

The first ever vibrating macaroon! Although it’s not edible, this little vibrating macaroon promises to give you even more intense pleasure than the sugar-coated version!

Kawaii Macaroon by Tokyo Design is an elegant and very compact vibrator. Made of medical-grade silicone, this vibrator has a soft and silky surface which feels wonderful to the touch. This mini-vibrator is ideal for stimulating all of the body’s external erogenous zones (the labia, the clitoris, the breasts, the nipples, etc.)

The Kawaii Macaroon vibrator comes complete with a USB charging cable, in a round and extremely elegant case. Makes for a wonderfully original gift or something to treat yourself to!

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