Aqua Cinnamon Bun

Wicked Sensual
Aqua Cinnamon Bun

Wicked lube is some of my all-time favorite lubes. What they really won me over with is all their flavors. I'm usually not a flavor person because they taste bad, are sticky and have a gross aftertaste — but all the flavors from Wicked are delicious.

They are sweetened with Stevia, which is excellent for dry mouth since it helps produce saliva, which also comes in handy when giving oral. Their new cinnamon bun flavor does not disappoint. It’s so freaking delicious I want to each the whole thing. Get creative and pair with another one of their flavors like apple or vanilla and create a flavor explosion in your mouth. Your body parts never tasted so good. 

Manufacturer Description:

Wicked Aqua Cinnamon Bun 4 ounces flavored water based intimate lubricant.

Wicked Aqua products are like nothing you have ever felt before.

Water based and paraben free, the entire collection is so silky smooth you will be surprised that it is not silicone.

Made from the finest ingredients for superior performance, each product has been designed to be amazingly slick, extra long lasting and never sticky or tacky.

Clean up is easy with any of the Wicked Aqua products, simply rinse with water and nothing is left behind except your afterglow.

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Lucy Vonne