Vibease Smart Massager - Vibease

Vibease Smart Massager - Vibease

I love so many things about this toy. Packaging is wicked eye-catching and will pull them in. This fun item is an app-controlled Bluetooth toy. There are so many great things you can do with it. First, it’s covered in the silkiest silicone and the shape is a great fit for a woman’s body. Snuggles right in-between the lips and feels great. The app is easy to use and navigate. Not only will it sync with all your music but also your audio books.

Download your favorite erotic novel and have a steamy listen. You can use it on its own or it is designed to fit in most panties and you can wear it around. The fact that it can be controlled with an app makes it the perfect vibrating panty. It is USB rechargeable so you never have to worry about batteries. This toy is fun to use alone or with a friend.

Market Appeal

First off, the package is awesome. When you slide off the sleeve with the information on it you are left with this lovely colorful box that I want to put on display or keep things in. Retailers should have access to the app in stores so people can see how it all works together. Sometimes the app part will scare people, but if they see how easy it is they will be on board.

Manufacturer Description:

About the Product

• A hands-free vibrator that's controlled remotely by your smartphone
• Slips comfortably into any undergarment and stays in place
• Multiple levels of intensity and patterns to choose from
• Super quiet and discreet

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