Screw You

Split Peaches
Screw You

Unique and psychologically arousing! I knew I wanted to try this out the minute I saw it. Screw You by Split Peaches is part of Split Peaches’ steampunk toys, inspired by industrial hardware.

This amazing toy literally looks like a metal screw (it also comes larger in rainbow). I’ve never experienced a tool in which I am highly aroused just at the thought of using it. Once I took it out I was ready to be screwed with it. My partner took much pleasure in twisting it slowly inside me and the feel of the threads as it enters is amazingly orgasmic. It tapers much like a real screw and is perfect for anal play. Much like its inspirational hardware part, it goes deeper and deeper as you turn it. My partner enjoyed how the realistic hexagon base fit in his hands, giving him comfortable and precise control on each turn.

Needless to say, we didn’t make it far before the grand finale as the psychological arousal from this toy gives your body a head-start to climax. I will be getting more of these and adding them to my “toolbox.”

Market Appeal

The tool is completely waterproof and made with body-safe platinum silicone. Screw You by Split Peaches has an insertable length of 5.8 inches and is 1.45 inches in diameter across the threads. The sparkling metallic 100 percent silicone screw is beautiful and because each one is handmade, the color pattern is one-of-a-kind.

Manufacturer Description:

The Screw You is the second in the Split Peaches line of steampunk sextoys called MechaDong.

Inspired by industrial hardware, The Screw You dildo will leave you with an orgasmic understanding of what it is to be screwed! Experience the pleasure of the industrial revolution with The Screw You!

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Antonia Hunt