Sinful Leg Up Sling

NS Novelties
Sinful Leg Up Sling

Ok, this one is fun. NS Novelties lets you enjoy some pretty safe bondage with the Sinful Leg Up Sling. This set of straps comfortably holsters each leg individually and uses a padded neck brace to assist in keeping your (or your partner’s) legs in the up position. So, if you were lying on your back, your knees would be tucked up.

One thing they absolutely got right was lining the insides with a neoprene pad to help with any rubbing. More abrasive restraints tend to get used less often...

Each set of slings also comes fully adjustable. You do not need to worry about any of the cuffs not fitting. Each one is open-ended and is only there to help with the position this restraint goes for. This ensemble is incredibly easy to use and takes almost no effort to set up. Get this rig all set up and let it take care of all the hard work for you. Easily recommended.

Manufacturer Description:

Featuring sturdy double stitched vinyl construction designed to hold up during even the roughest play, ns novelties' Sinful Leg Up Love Sling brings fantasy to life, stabilizing, supporting and securing all sorts of compromising positions.

Tethering the thighs, calves or ankles to the back of the neck via thick padded straps, the Sling rests behind the neck, drawing the legs up as dramatically as desired. Completely customizable in terms of strap length as well as cuff circumference, the Sling can accommodate many sizes and positions- the mate in control of the cinch will be able to adjust leg angle with a quick pull.

Cuffs adjust to approximately 6 inches (15cm) of diameter while the sling straps itself can reach 45.5 inches (114cm) in total length.

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