Master Series Ammo Anal Plug

XR Brands
Master Series Ammo Anal Plug

Master Series offers up a hefty aluminum anal plug with their “Ammo.” Leaving nothing to the imagination (which we prefer with these sort of toys). The product is proudly put on display on its package. All the important information is located on the back of the box, such as: it is six inches in length and has a diameter or 1.7 inches. Being tapered at the tip and billowing down to a moderate bulb, this piece offers the pleasure of not having any seams or fabrication bumps. From the world of butt play, we thank you for this. An interesting addition that the Master Series adds is the removable eyehook below the base. This allows you to use any potential weights or even a leash if you feel the need to kick it to a kinkier level. We admit — this product is more for those who are comfortable with their limits. This is a heavy anal plug, far from a pinky surprise in the back door.

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Manufacturer Description:

Plug up your play thing and put some weight on their asshole! This unique plug has a screw in ring at the base so that you can add weights or pull your submissive around by a leash! The already heavy plug will give them a greater sense of fullness. The slick material and tapered tip make for a smooth insertion, while the flared base keeps it firmly in place and allows for easy retrieval. Let your imagination run wild as you think us devious and sadistic ways to use this pleasure tool from Master Series.

Measurements: 6 inches in total length, 4 inches insertable. 1.75 inches in diameter.

Material: Aluminum, Metal.

Color: Grey.

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