Nipple Play Padded Vises

Nipple Play Padded Vises

I am really enjoying these Nipple Vises by CalExotics. Sometimes getting just the right clamp/vise can be tricky due to the size of your nipple. These worked great for me as the range is wide. They are padded to add just a tad more comfort but are definitely a bit more on the intense side of the pleasurable pain scale. For even more intensity they come with what I call a “naughty tug chain,” in that they are connected by a chain that has a bit of weight to it.

When on all fours, the chains create a tug intensifying the pinch. When I get out of line a bit I’m sure to be put back in my place with a tug (which I secretly enjoy) from my Dom. What I love most about these is that they are temperature sensitive, and that adds a little zing to the sensation. My Dom likes to stick them in the freezer for a bit, and when I’m blindfolded, it sends me over the edge. These are definitely making a home in my toy box.

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Manufacturer Description:

A thrillingly temperature sensitive option from the nipple play collection, the Padded Vises offer stimulating weightiness and completely adjustable pressure on the more intense end of the spectrum.

The Vises' Nickle-free iron and smooth PVC construction is extra durable and worthy of rough and tough play. Place the clamps in the fridge or come cold water before use for a cooler option.

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