Tri-Sport 3 Ring Cocksling

Tri-Sport 3 Ring Cocksling

Oxballs’ Tri-Sport 3 Ring Cocksling offers an innovative twist to the standard cock ring. Packaged in a plastic clamshell, you are offered a sight of what to expect. It comes in a variety of colors but we had to go with black so it would match with everything else.  When it came time to try out our latest addition it was fantastic to let the other try each of the three sizes that are available. The design allows you to apply pressure around your shaft, base and sack. Once the perfect fit was found the product did seem to fit comfortably. A little water-based lube always helps with the chaffing; it's not recommended to use oil-based on the paper slip in. This ring can do what you need it to do. Easy on the budget and even easier to keep clean. This one can fit into any man’s repertoire.

Manufacturer Description:

TRI-SPORT is the new futuristic sportsling from ATOMIC JOCK. It`s made up of 3 conjoined cockrings that grip your dick, balls, and the base of your shaft`feels just like a dude`s hand wrapped snug around your swollen package. TRI-SPORT is modeled after traditional steel tri-cockrings but without all the discomfort and rigid material`no worrying about pinching metal or trying to wrestle your hard dick into a too tight steel contraption. It`s made from blubbery FLEX-TPR so it molds to your meat and stretches to fit your junk just right. Item comes packaged in a heat sealed pouch.

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