Sexy Writer (Aroma: Chocolate)

Sexy Romance
Sexy Writer (Aroma: Chocolate)

Time to turn your favorite sex buddy into a tasty bedroom treat. The best thing about this chocolate body topping is that it comes in a pen format. So you can draw and design sexy pictures all over your sex buddies. It will provide hours of endless sweet delicious fun. After you create your designs you can devour your partner’s body until you are chocolate wasted. Or sneak a quick taste if you need sugar fix. What naughty messages will you write on your lover?

Product Description:

How would you like to have an exciting night playing a sexy game with your partner? What about surprising your partner with a teaser like the Sexy Writer pen? The Sexy Writer pen makes loving games a lot more fun and interesting as you can draw onto each other bodies. Try one of our sex aromas for your night of fun and experiment writing in different places to stimulate your partners libido.
Lucy Vonne