I love so many things: Legos, Jenga, masturbating. Now I get to combine all three of those loves in one toy. The ZOLO Stax is a unique stroker that lets you interchange separate discs that feature different textures. The fun part comes when you take the toy apart and rebuild your colorful pleasure tower to design your optimal stroker. I found that I am a ribbed, tight hole, dotted kind of guy. The set comes with three disc but the holder can accommodate up to five discs. The toy comes apart easily which makes it easy to clean, but when the action gets going fast you may need two hands to keep everything together.

Manufacturer Description:

Zolo Stax is the world's most versatile male masturbator. Each Zolo Stax comes with 3 unique textures. Enjoy them all at one or in any order you like, or stack em up with additional Stax Remix textures to adjust the length according to your preference. Easy to clean and reusable. Adjustable length. Set includes three textures: Tight Hole, Dotted, and Ribbed.

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Chris Davis