Position Pal Love Harness

Lux Fetish
Position Pal Love Harness

Are you into acrobatics in the bedroom, than this is the perfect accessory for you! This thing is as much fun as it is hilarious. Hilarious in the fact that we kept laughing while using it and trying to get the hang of it and try out all the positions. Attach the Position Pal Harness to your lover and let the games begin. You can be up, down, sideways and sometimes spinning! Very comfortable to be positioned in and very easy to use. They even have handles for me to hold onto! Safety first.

Manufacturer Description:

This body harness turns your physique into a versatile sex toy. The Lux Fetish Position Pal Love Harness allows you to use your own weight to counterbalance and support your lover in a variety of exciting erotic positions.

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