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Fantasy Wand

Looking to elevate your sexperience? For those interested in electroplay, this toy is shockingly good. It offers enough zap to introduce you to the world of electro-stimulation. I have a bit of experience with this type of play and I was able to use it on a few people that had never experienced it. The Fantasy Wand by Pipedream Products comes with nine different settings, which allows for various seekers of this type of kink. Fantasy Wand comes with three different attachments, each offering a different type of sting. This would definitely be one I would recommend to all those interested in exploring more of this type of thrill.

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Manufacturer Description:

Give your sex life a charge with the Shock Therapy Fantasy Wand! Perfect for beginners and those new to e-stimulation, this electric wand sends pleasurable tingles to anything you touch.

Each tip sends a jolt directly to your most pleasurable spots. Each attachment provides incredible, unique sensations that deliver amazing hands-free climaxes!

Press the + button to power the unit on, and use the + and – buttons to cycle through 9 levels of intensity, going from a sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap in seconds. To power the unit off, cycle back to 0 and it will power off in three seconds.

TIP: To increase conductivity and prevent irritation, be sure to use our Shock Therapy Electro-Sex Gel (PD3723-06) with your Shock Therapy purchase.

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