Gun Oil Force Recon

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Gun Oil Force Recon

This is a great hybrid silicone go-to lube. Just flip up the cap and squeeze a small amount out. The thick gel stays put and won’t slide or drip off. It is so thick one might think it would be tacky or sticky but once smoothing it over your shaft, the silky gel keeps everything running like a well-oiled machine ready for rapid fire.

Manufacturer Description:

You will remain in command and control with this super-charged addition to your tour de force. Gun Oil Force Recon is a revolutionary, specialty hybrid silicone gel that provides the lasting glide of silicone and the easy clean up of a water based formula. The thick, no-drip, and slick-smooth texture of Gun Oil Force Recon makes it easy to attach forces for controlled back or forward entry, and is the perfect dual-purpose tool to complete your expedition.

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Chris Davis