Starlight Gems 3X Booty Boppers

NS Novelties
Starlight Gems 3X Booty Boppers

This Starlight Gems Booty Boppers Trainer Kit by NS Novelties is perfect for first time users of the plug. They are non-intimidating and easy to use. I love that this kit includes three shimmery plugs in graduated introductory sizes to allow the user to pick the most comfortable size for each use. They are body-safe and are made from odorless TPE. The tapered design makes it easy to insert and the suction cup base makes for endless positions.

Manufacturer Description:

Smaller in size and graced with a fantastically sturdy suction-cup base, the sparkly Starlight Gems Booty Boppers plug gently introduces backdoor penetration to sexy scenarios, be they solo or shared in nature. As the anal canal is positively packed with nerve endings and pleasure receptors, stimulation of the area can open up (so to speak) new planes of sensation and, in turn, unlock unexplored orgasmic potential.

The classically tapered Boppers inserts easily and smoothly, widening subtly toward the bottom to provide gentle stretching of the anal muscles and sphincter. Once fully inserted, a process that should take as long as needed to ensure comfort, the thinner neck at the base holds the shaft in place- it can be left inside during almost any other pleasure pursuit, adding exciting, unique stimulation that can be incredibly exhilarating.

Made of a soft, high end elastomer material with no phthalates, you'll be able to flex and bend the Booty Boppers plug to fit your shape, it's nice and supple, although when in place, firm enough to satisfy. A nice big suction cup at the base easily affixes the plug to most smooth, flat surfaces. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.

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Tamara Payton Bell