Moist Personal Lubricant

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Moist Personal Lubricant

What’s liquidy, clear, taste-free and slippery and fits in an eight-ounce bottle? It’s Pipedream’s long-time best-selling lube, Moist. The handy eight-ounce pump bottle squirts out enough lube to start a good time for buddy or solo sex. The thinner consistency appeals to people who prefer a more natural feel than a lube that’s thicker and it also seems to last longer than the ones that can turn gummy during use. The good thing about the dispensing pump bottle is that you don’t have to fumble with caps or squeezing it when your fingers are dripping with lube and other essential bodily fluids.

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Manufacturer Description:

The clear choice in personal pleasure and voted best lubricant by women's health magazine. our water-based moist lubricant comes closest to feeling like your body's natural lubricant. moist is crystal clear, condom safe, non-staining and fragrance-free, providing long-lasting slipperiness. our easy dispenser makes reapplying a dab easy and hassle-free. moist comes in various sizes and for on-the-go travel. you've experienced the rest, now experience the best!

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