Ka-Pow Color Blindfold

PHS International
Ka-Pow Color Blindfold

I am a superhero submissive. Yes, that is a thing. And if you are like me you need a good mask. Enter the KaPOW Blindfold. The bright turquoise mask is made of high-quality leather and feels fantastic. After putting on the mask I let my other superhero senses take over. Without out my sight I had to let my hearing and touch tell me what my partner was about to do. This playful toy added a touch adventure, fun and color to our submissive play.

Manufacturer Description:

Blind folds or masks are sensory toys. When one of the senses are removed those remaining become heightened. The blind fold wearer will have a heightened sense of smell, touch and hearing. There is also a heightened sense of anticipation and suspense which can substantially increase the user’s pleasure and satisfaction.PHS International packages blind folds in all of its three branded lines – M2M, H2H and Fresh.

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Chris Davis