Magic Wand Rechargeable

Magic Wand
Magic Wand Rechargeable

You know how they say if there is a fire in your house you should grab the five most important things; well this would be one of my things. This is the only toy I will ever need. The Magic Wand is the holy grail of sex toys in my opinion. This updated modern version is magical indeed. There are now four levels of power and man is it wicked strong. On top of that you have four vibration patterns as well. I truly love this toy. Best thing about it, it’s rechargeable and cordless! Yes It is cordless, which means I can go anywhere with my Magic Wand now. Not only wonderful for my vagina but really does make a great back massager. Or you can put it on a guy’s perineum while you are giving him a blow job. He won’t know what hit him. The silicone head of the massager feels great no matter where you put it! Hands down the only sex toy I really need.

Market Appeal

People come in asking for this toy by name. It sells itself; there really isn’t much you need to do. Just put them all around the store. If anything, make sure you are fully stocked on this item at all time. It’s a classic and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Manufacturer Description:

The Magic Wand has been trusted for over 30 years to provide powerful, penetrating vibrations. Now, freed from its cord, it is ready to offer soothing, stimulating massage nearly anywhere, anytime. Powerful, durable, satisfying. Now cordless. 4 power intensities, 4 vibration patterns. Smooth silicone head. Plug-and-play option. 2,700 / 3,800 / 5,400 / 6,300 vibrations per minute. Charging time: approx. 3 hours, for 3 hours' use time; power specifications: 7.2V/2,250mAh. HV-270. 1-year warranty.

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