Hybrid Spit Lube - 8 oz

XR Brands
Hybrid Spit Lube - 8 oz

Who doesn’t love a great wet blowjob? I mean really wet? Spit lube allows for that super wet blowjob anytime you want. I grabbed my new bottle of Spit Lube and a clean towel and headed for the bed. The image on the bottle is what I had in mind as I poured a large amount of the spit over my raging erection. The liquid dripped and glistened over my hand and cock as the thought of a really hot and wet blowjob flickered through my mind. That wet visual sent me over the edge. Did I mention it cleans up easily in the shower?

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Manufacturer Description:

This hybrid water and silicone based lubricant is designed to mimic the consistency and color of saliva. Stays slicker longer, and cleans up easily with soap and water. You get the best quality of both water and silicone based lubes, all in one toy-safe formula. Long lasting and ideal for those with sensitivities.

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