Siime Eye

Siime Eye

Product Description:

Siime Eye is a wireless internal-camera vibrator and the updated version of SIIME. This product uses the wireless internal-camera visualization technology. Pictures will be transmitted wirelessly to the computer or mobile phone through the WIFI signals sent by this product itself, combing pleasure with health. SIIME Eye has light and built-in camera lens at the tip. The massager can be wirelessly connected by installing a special drive on the computer or mobile phone, thus by deepening into the body, it can display the internal pictures on the computer or mobile phone and provides video recording and photograph functions. The maximum wireless connection distance is up to 30 m and SIIME Eye can connect more than one mobile phone or computer simultaneously to better examine and pay close attention to the physical health of women. Furthermore, SIIME Eye has 6 vibration modes, with 100% waterproof and its suitable size totally meets the needs as a pleasure product.

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