Inflatable Passion Doll

Inflatable Passion Doll

Do you desire passion? Do you desire love? Do you desire desire? The Inflatable Passion Doll from Nasstoys is for you. It features three exploration holes – not one, not two, yes three. The life-like screened on hot lady will aid in hours of plastic smashing excitement. And of course let’s not forget the erect nipples, cause if it’s not erect, it’s not real.

Market Appeal

Everyone loves a good blow up doll for parties and such but don’t be afraid to explore all the possibilities of the wondrousness that is the Inflatable Passion Doll.

For more information, contact Nasstoys:

Manufacturer Description:

• 3 Tempting holes
• Large breasts with erect nipples
• Sexy stockings
• Waterproof
• Materials: Body safe PVC
• Size: Tall – 58.3”

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