Limited Edition Fantasy Strap

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Limited Edition Fantasy Strap

The strap is a quality piece of work. The design is very simple; one end holds a bound submissive, the restraint loops through an eyebolt, giving the master a pivot point before ending in a padded handle for control. It proved extremely difficult to disobey the master’s commands. The Velcro that holds the wrists or ankles of the captor doesn’t budge, even with a bit of a fight. As long as you don’t mind hard mounting this piece into your ceiling, after taking care to find a safe and sturdy place to do so, it will make an easy addition to your comfortable dungeon play kit.

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Manufacturer Description:

Tease and please your submissive with this incredible Fantasy Strap. This over-the-arm restraint is perfect for turning your bedroom into an erotic chamber, just by adding a screw in the ceiling. The heavy-duty nylon strap features a padded neoprene handle, a sturdy metal o-ring, and adjustable nylon comfort cuffs.

Install the eyelet screw into a ceiling beam or doorway frame, slide the strap through the eyelet hole, pull on the strap, and watch your subject's arms raise quickly above their head! The Fantasy Strap instantly hoists your subject's arms and legs into the air, allowing you to do whatever you like next.

The strap is 8 feet long, held together with sturdy metal hardware, and requires a few common tools for installation. The comfortable cuffs easily adjust to fit most sizes and can be worn on the wrists or ankles. Try it on your subject's feet and use your imagination -- the pleasure possibilities are endless!

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