'Super Load' Numbing Anal Wipes

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'Super Load' Numbing Anal Wipes

Product Description:

Anal sex is becoming more popular, and not just for the sexual daring either. One of the main reasons people steer clear of anal play is because they fear the pain that it may bring. Now the idea of lessening the pain can easily be set aside with ''Super Load" Anal Numbing wipes. These single dosage anal numbing wipes were not designed to take ALL the pain away, but make you feel less pain and be able to tell what its happening because you're supposed to feel it. They've been designed ( with our single dose & painted formula ) to still allow you to feel everything; it just not as intense. It works by eliminating the pain from the top two barriers of the Sphincter to allowing you to have enjoyable anal sex – Still feeling tense muscles and hyper-sensitive nerves inside. With those obstacle of pain out of the way, you and your partner are free to experiment with anal penetration. Unlike anything else on the market, "Super Load" Anal Numbing Wipes come in a single dosage packet and are PH balanced for BOTH Men and Women. Many people say you're supposed to feel the pain completely, however; we say you should have the option of taking control over how much pain you want to feel.

The pro use of this product is that it works with anal toys too so you can build up your backdoor experience gradually at your own pace. It promotes pure relaxation of muscles and lightly numbs your nerves enough for greater comfort and pleasure, so there's less fear of how it might feel. "Super Load" Anal Numbing Wipes are also 100% safe to use with condoms. All around, this is a strictly a Single dosage product which the best way to test your back door sensitivity at your own comfort and pace.

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