#4120 Bra Halter

#4120 Bra Halter
There is something about putting latex on that makes you feel instantly naughty. This latex is unique in that you don’t need lubricant or powder to get it on your body. It is also extremely durable and long lasting. The reasoning for this is it is made with chlorinated latex. It feels delightful on my body. Such an ease putting it on. The bra made my breasts looks delectable and even looked cute under a tank! Super easy clean up, rinse and air dry! It doesn’t stick to your skin or clothing. Almost like another garment to wear all the time, not just during naughty time.

Manufacturer Description:

This fantastic bra will give you years of comfortable support. The latex is strong enough to last years. And, you can wash it in seconds, dries in minutes. Also available in .6mm for additional support.

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Lucy Vonne